Wednesday, April 8, 2015

the start of my year 2015


It has been a really long time! I have been concentrating on my freelance work, (lettering/bokstavsillustration), and my family for the past months. I am working on two big lettering projects and some custom orders and it takes up most of my day time plus most of my free time as well (except for the time I spend working in the shoe shop and with my family). I am not a very social person right now, but if you want to achieve goals and get better at your craft you need to invest time and hard work. I can see that I am getting better, and I really love doing what I am investing my time in.

I am bursting with joy and honour on the big projects I am working on, but they are still secret, so I cannot brag about my great collaborations. But it will be sweet when the collaborations are being reveiled later this year!

I am continuously a member of the Andetag team and blogging at Hufvudstadsbladet (a collaboration with the Finnish Lutheran Church) about everyday life, faith, joys and fears.

A really, really fun part of my freelance work is that I get to hold Lettering Workshops and meet other type enthusiasts. So far this year I've held an longer one week course at Novia for students and four short one day workshops, together with Nykarleby Arbis, Kronoby MI and Inpress and Personlig Almanacka in Uppsala. Someone i Uppsala had found my Instagram profile and wanted to arrange a workshops, so they gathered a bunch of friends from work and we had a great day of lettering! I love it when people arrange workshops at their work or with their friends! And I love being invited to hold Lettering Workshops, the courses are really inspiring for me as well, there is so much creativity in one person, and to meet groups of creative people is fantastic. I am always surprised at what people create during a workshop and at the same time I know that when a person is saying "I cannot draw or write well with a pencil" there will come great things out of that hand holding the pencil. That is the magic of these workshops, everybody will create new and good looking letterings, whether they have done it before or not. And everybody seems happy after a workshop, it is intense so you get tired but everybody has been giving me positive feedback. That they CAN draw, that they WERE ABLE to make lovely letterings, something they never thought they would make. Makes me very happy!

Below is the first part of my 2015 in pictures:

I dressed up in monochrome (just like most of my letterings :) for my Lettering Workshop.

Flying over the north of Ostrobothnia where I grew up.


(This black and white photo is by Johanna Högväg, she attended my Lettering Workshop in Kronoby.)

You can follow workshop participant's work on #letteringworkshopfljd (fljd as in Fia Lotta Jansson Design)!

A group of type enthusiasts in Uppsala.

I wish you all a great April!

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