Monday, March 26, 2007

Felted Wool Mittens Tutorial

(click on the picture and it will open in a larger size, then you can see the fine print:)

Recycling old wool garments is a passion. Together with my fabric I store many felted sweaters, skirts and cardigans. I thrift most of the material, there are a lot of sweaters out there! They have to be 100% wool to felt well and not rip at the seem when cut into. When they are felted you do not need to zig-zag the edges! You can make mittens, slippers, leg warmers, wrist warmers, re-design a sweater, a skirt, totes and bags, pouches, broches... just about anything!

These mittens were made for a friend as a birthday present.

My camera is again unwilling to let go of her pictures and give them to the computer, but as soon as I get the problem fixed I'll put up pictures of some of my other finnished projects,

Let me know about your projects!

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All the best!

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Ika said...

Jättesnygga vantar! Jag vill också... fast det är inte riktigt säsong för vantar längre, vilket känns ovanligt trist, med tanke på min inspiration. Ska i alla fall hålla ögonen öppna för billiga helylletröjor på loppisar, do redo verkar så roligt.