Friday, May 13, 2011

fake quilt cushion cover tutorial

This is a simple way of making a quilt like cushion cover. I call it fake because I did not sew the patches of fabric together, I sewed them straight onto the background fabric. No zigzaging the edges of the small colourful patches. This way I get a rough edge to the patches, which I like. I took advantage of the selvage of the background fabric to make the opening on the back side of the cushion cover. By doing so I did not have to sew a hem.

You will need:

- background fabric:
1 front piece 50x50 cm
2 back pieces 50x33 cm

- patches of leftover fabrics:
mine were aprox 4x5 cm and for this size cushion cover I used 72 patches. You do not have to have perfect edges on these patches, if they are a bit crooked it can look really good! Just cut them out with a scissors.

- a sewing machine and thread (I used white)

- a 50x50 cm cushion

Cut small patches of fabric. I always save even the smallest pieces of fabric leftovers from different sewing projects and now they came in handy.

Place them as they look the best according to you. Pin them to the front piece of the background fabric.

Sew straight seams along the longside of every piece of fabric without stopping between the pieces.

Then sew across, along the shortsides without stopping between the pieces.

You are now done with the front side of the cushion cover!

Place the front piece flat on the floor or on a table, right side up. Take out your two back pieces. Place one of them right side down, with the edges matching the left side of the front side piece. Be sure to place the selvage of the back pieces away from the edge of the front piece. After that you place the second one right side down to match the right side edge of the front (look above picture). The backside pieces will overlap, this to make the most simple of cushion cover openings.

Now sew around all four sides, about 1 cm from the edge. Then you zigzag all edges. You do not have to leave an opening, and no need for a zipper or buttons, since the two back side pieces are overlapping and creating an opening.

Fill the cover with a cushion and you are done!

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