Wednesday, April 16, 2014

linda's tattoo (lettering by fia lotta jansson design)

(screen shot from Linda's Instagram @lindaslantliga)

I had the priviledge of designing a tattoo for Linda (with the fabulous blog Lindas Lantliga). I really love designing tattoos. It is a great responsibility and a grand honour! Designer and customer were very happy with this result.

The photos are Linda's and she gave me permission to use them.

Are you interested in a hand lettered tattoo?

I wish you all a great Wednesday!

and the winners are...

Stort tack alla som ville delta i min giveaway! Deltagare har kommenterat och delat på denna blogg, på facebook och på instagram. Efter att ha samlat alla lotter med era namn "the old school way" i en pappburk drog jag följande vinnare:

De två som får välja varsin bokstavsillustration som tryckt A3 print är:

Emma (@staar87)
Sofia (@fruekholm)

De två som vinner varsitt six-pack med Prutt&Kram-vykort är:

Elvira (@sivlelvis)

Bara för att jag blev så glad över att så många deltog vill jag dela ut ett extrapris, en "print-at-home"-fil med valfri bokstavsillustration. Vinnaren blev:


Vinnarna har kontaktats.

Bokstavsillustrationerna kan ses här och inhandlas som nedladdningsbara pdf-filer eller som tryckta prints här.

Allt gott!

A huge thank you to all participating in my giveaway!

The winners are:
Emma (@staar87) and Sofia (@fruekholm).
They get to choose one lettering each and receive it as an A3 print.

Two runners up are:
Elvira (@sivlelvis) and @gollobracing.
They will receive a six pack of postcards each.

And because I am happy so many took part I want to give out an extra prize, a print-at-home file with lettering of choise. And Ann-Maj got it!

I have contacted the winners.

All the best!


Friday, April 4, 2014

one week special + giveaway

EDIT: Tävlingen är avslutad! Tack för alla som har deltagit! Jag återkommer med vinnarna efter veckoslutet!

God helg!

EDIT: The giveaway is closed! Thank you all participating! I'll announce the winners after the weekend!

Have a good weekend!

Drar du dig för att köpa över nätet och tycker det är invecklat att registrera dig för att kunna handla?

Jag tänkte ha en one week special - beställ bokstavsillustrationer per mail inkommande vecka!

Från och med fredag 4 april till fredag 11 april kan du beställa printklara pdf-filer direkt till din inbox.

Maila mig på: fialottajansson[at]gmail[punkt]com och berätta vilka bokstavsillustrationer du vill ha (se större bilder nedanför, klicka för större bilder). Jag svarar med inbetalningsinfo tillsammans med de print-filer du vill ha. Det finns gamla godingar och flera nya designs att välja mellan!

På det här sättet kan du smidigt printa hemma, eller vid tryckeri, och byta väggkonst förmånligt och så ofta du vill. Köp flera printdesign medan du är i farten!


Det här är en nedladdnigsbar handritad print som du kan skriva ut hemma ENBART FÖR PRIVAT BRUK. Du får skriva ut designen så många gånger du vill för att ge till vänner eller familj som gåva, men du får inte på något sätt sälja eller vidaredistribuera designen.

In English:

This coming week I am offering you to buy letterings per mail. From April 4th to April 11th you can order printable digital files directly to your inbox.

Send me an e-mail to fialottajansson[at]gmail[dot]com telling me which lettering designs you'd like (look at the pictures below, click for bigger pictures) and I'll send you payment info and your print files. The prints are 4,50€ / print, or you can buy 5 and pay for 4.

You can also choose to shop in my Etsy shop, to be able to pay with paypal or direct checkout.

This is a downloadable and printable hand lettered design FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may print as many times as you like to give to personal friends or family as gifts, but you may not sell or redistribute in any way.


Två vinnare kommer att få välja varsin printdesign och få den tryckt som en A3 print (170 g Scandia 2000-papper).

Två runners-up får varsitt 6-pack Prutt&Kram-vykort.

Inga dåliga priser, eller hur?!

Reglerna (möjlighet att få tre lotter):
1. Kommentera här på bloggen, på min Facebook-sida eller på Instagram (@sofiebnase) vilka två printdesigns du helst skulle ha.
2. Gilla Fia Lotta Jansson Design på Facebook för en andra lott.
3. Dela på önskat socialt medie för att få en tredje lott.
Kom ihåg att meddela mig med hur många lotter du deltar i denna giveaway!

Giveaway'n avslutas fredagen den 11 april kl. 21.00 svensk tid!

Lycka till!

Two winners get to choose one design each and get it printed on an A3 size print (170 g Scandia 2000 paper).

Two runners-up get a 6 pack Prutt&Kram postcards each. (Prutt och Kram means Fart and Hugs!)

Pretty neat prizes, or what!?

The rules (possibility to get three tickets):
1 Comment on this blogpost, on my Facebook page or on Instagram (@sofiebnase) the two print designs you like the most.
2. Like Fia Lotta Jansson Design on Facebook for a second ticket.
3. Share this giveaway on social media of your choice to get three tickets!
Be sure to tell me how many tickets you enter the giveaway with!

The giveaway ends on Friday March 11th at 9 pm Swedish time.

Good luck!

life update


It's been a really long time since I greeted readers of this blog (are you still there?). Much has happened in the past months. Both happy things and really sad things. Life and death.

Two wonderful persons passed away only two weeks apart in early January, my father and my young godson. They are grieved by so many, families and friends, they were important in so many people's lives. All the bright and laughterfilled memories they gave me keep me warm, though sadness is a constant companion.

So much good has happened as well: a lot of lettering, print making, teaching of lettering workshops, family time, spending time with old friends, getting to know new friends, enjoying my dayjob, meaningsful conversations, and so on and so on!

Life takes its turns. I am hanging in there. How are you?

And now my life in pictures. 2014 so far:

I get to see my children grow and develop, exploring their creativity. I love that I get to be a part of their lives. I am a terrible and angry mother sometimes, quite often actually, but we are good togehter.

(Both kids write and read already. It is amazing! These are the scribbles of my daughter, she´s the younger one.)

Lina and me are planning goodness together. Graphic Design Lettering Combo!

The cat in my parent's home had a kitten. So adorable!

Boring and fantastic every day life: laundry time!

I was hooked on origami for a while there, and I will not let it go! Love it!

My father camping in the 70's. Miss him very much.

Trying to focus on these two: hope and gratitude...

...because life is not always easy.

Me and fellow vintage lovers Malin of Fiffi's Vintage and Carolina of Marshmallow Electra at Uppsala Vintage Festival last weekend.

And finally: the man of my life, in a band playing music that I love! The Heartbeat Band.

Thank you and good night!