Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I've got a great job

I'm leading song writing workshops together with fellow musician Fredik Furu (Kometfabriken). Three workshops are held, in Vasa, Turku and Helsinki, as an inspiration for children and teenagers to write their own music. It is arranged by Finlands Svensk Ungdom (Finish Swedish organisation working for young people) and YLE (Finish Broadcasting) and connected to Melody Grand Prix Junior.

Last Saturday we met a group of 26 children and teenagers aged 8 to 15 in Vasa, Doobop Club. We had a great time listening to different kind of music, discussing songs, writing, singing and performing. The young ones are a true inspiration and so creative! And very talented!

You become humble as an artist to meet young people full of life and eagerness to express themselves. They are still so unaware of commercialism and competition. The young people in the Saturday group were very encouraging of each other.

There's an online-interview of our first workshop in Vasa on Stationen.fi.

When the whole group is up on stage in this picture, we are performing Hard Rock Hallelujah in an acoustic version, which was a hit :)!

Two more workshops. I'm looking forward to them!

Have a nice Tuesday!


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