Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring news

After a break from thrifting I finally took the time (and had a few extra euros, living on scholarship is not that lucrative:) to go to my favourite second hand shops and flee markets in Vaasa. Some finds in pictures:

These phones remind me of my childhood (a time without mobile phones...). The red-brown one is an exact copy of the one we had at home when I grew up. Love them, got them for 50 cent and I predict they will soon be retro-marked, that is valuable.

Love these old vintage patterns. When I have a child I can make us both a nice tunic:)

Maybe I'll use this piece of fabric for sewing the tunics... Soft cotton.

I collect old coffee cups. This Arabia beauty I found today. The set has two flaws, but I don't mind, it's lovely. I haven't seen the patten before, anybody know the name of this collection? The cup together with my thrifted scarf, they make a stylish couple:)

This psychedelic silky shirt will be re-fashioned in some way. Love the green colour!

And finally: this jacket. It has got the details a jacket should have today: puffy-sleeves, both at the shoulder and the cuffs. The weather has been warm, but not enough for me to only ware this as a jacket, but soon!

Spring time brings fourth many new ideas and lots of creativity. I have a free Friday evening and will finish a dress I started making some weeks ago.

Tomorrow I'm going to Turku to do a workshop in songwriting and on Sunday we'll go to Helsinki with the same agenda. The organisers have booked us rooms at Klaus K Hotel (looks pretty nice!) and I am soooooo much looking forward sleeping and eating breakfast at the hotel! One of the best things I know.

Have a beautiful weekend!


malinjohannaklingenberg said...

å, fina fynd! vilket skönt liv du har! (det har nog jag också!) vi hade exakt en sån där GRÖN telefon du har köpt. Jag minns att om man ringde ett nummer som innehöll en nolla, brukade jag FORCERA tillbaka nummerplattan med våld, jag tyckte det tog för lång tid att vänta på att den skulle återgå till normalläge i egen takt. Haha. Ett stressat barn? Nä, det tror jag inte. Snarare ivrigt. kram!

Ika said...

Åh, härligt med secondhand-fynd! Jag måste också börja titta efter mönster, tycker att 60- och 70-talsmönstren är så fina.

Linnestinalund said...

det grön-vit-svarta så snyggt!