Sunday, February 6, 2011

diy bow sweater

I thrifted this sweater for 40 cents.

I cut off the neckline and the waist band at the bottom of the sweater. I kept the cuffs to be able to fold the sleeves nicely.

I used the waist band to make the bow. I hand stitched the bow the front of the sweater. I sewed it in the car, in the dark, on the way to the event at which I wanted to wear the sweater. When will I learn to finnish in time?! On the other hand, since I wasn't driving I had time to do some sewing in peace!

(Photo Booth picture, not great quality, but you get the picture.)

How do you remake your sweater?


miolann said...

I'm glad you weren't driving at the same time :D

Malin på pastill.nu said...

Men så sött, det blev ju jättebra!