Monday, November 10, 2008

Recycled newspaper envelopes + template

I participated in a Hand Made Zine swap organized by Nikki Shell. To be able to send out my zines I made envelopes from newspaper. At the same time I could give the world (since other participants live in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Germany) a bit of Vaasa for free:)

Above are the finished results and below is a picture of the template you can download. It is a PDF-file, quite big I am afraid... I am not really handy with file sizes.

Cut out the white template and trace the lines onto newspaper and cut. Fold a towards a, and then fold the b-pieces onto the a-piece you previously folded. You can glue the b-pieces to the a-piece, I use transparent tape. The c-piece is the lid, that you either fasten with glue or tape when you have fille your envelope with contents of choise.

Here is the downloadable file: Envelope_Template.

Happy crafting!


Anonymous said...

Du är så välkommen att delta i utställningen! Det gör absolut ingenting att du inte bor i Sverige. Mejla mig gärna din e-postadress, jag behöver skicka ut info på mejlen imorgon :)

Unknown said...

I made my envelopes for the swap out of magazine pages instead. Great minds think a like. Hope you enjoy your zine.

Anonymous said...

great idea!