Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to make your own designer tea bag jar

I fell in love with this designed milk bottle from Three Potato Four (picture found via Bloesem), and wanted to make my own version to keep in my kitchen. I like practical things, things you use every day, but with nice esthetics. So I decided to combine this design with the jar I keep my tea bags in, a jar I use every day.
Here's the jar, the big one in the middle. I thrifted it for only a couple of euros not so long ago.

This was the material I needed to realize my design rip-off:
- a template with letters
- sticker plastic
- a sharp knife
- a paint brush
- acrylic paint (or something else that'll stick to glass)

I knew what I wanted my letters in the word "Te" (= tea) to look like. I frequently visit DaFont.com for fonts, cause they have a lot of great ones that you can download for free. But this time I did not find exactly what I wanted so I modified a font in Photoshop before I was satisfied.

I printed my letters and traces the outlines onto sticker plastic. Then I cut the letters out. Be sure to have something underneath that protects your table when you cut!

Fasten the cut out sticker to the jar (not a very good picture, but you might see the lines of the plastic on the jar if you look closely...).

I wanted to paint the letters white, but got a surprise when I looked into the paint jar; all dried up! With no more white paint in the house I decided to go with some brownish grey.

Supply at least two layers of paint to get a solid surface.

Peel off the sticker when the paint is dry and ta-daa! You've got yourself a nice designer tea bag jar!



Ulla said...

You have such amazing energy! And my favourite Earl Grey tea. The mixed colour looks really nice on the jar.

Lenas pysselgrop said...


Hobocamp Crafts said...

great project and I love the font!!

A&AC project said...

Great idea, must try that myself. Thank's for the link.