Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dummy holder - tutorial

I think quilts are beautiful, but am not patient enough to make a big one, so I started off with making a slightly smaller quilting project; a dummy holder. All materials are recycled, except for the dummy, that one is new:).
I cut 6 pieces of aprox 5-6 cm wide strips of fabric. The length of the pieces were about 25 cm.
Sew the pieces together, right side to right side, and long side to long side.
Measure 5 cm and cut across the seams. As I had 25 cm strips I got 5 pieces. Sew a hem at both short sides of the piece.
Sew the longside of the new strips, right side to right side. Then the "sausagey" part; turning the narrow pipe of fabric. I used a pencil.
I decided to keep the seam on the middle back of the holder. Iron the holder to get flat edges and sew a decorative and practical seam around the edges.
I took the locks from suspenders, that I thrifted, and fastened one at one end of the holder. I just had to click mine to get them to hold, but there are locks you need to sew the fabric around the get them fastened.
At the other end of the holder I fastened a snap button. That way you can change the dummy but keep the holder.



nikkishell said...

Great tutorial! My girls don't use dummies though. It would also be great for those kids that love to snuggle a blanket, just attach a loop to the blanket to fasten onto the holder.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I found your site off of the nikkishell site/WR - and in a hopefully non-creepy way, I am loving you in your almost-baby stage - great ideas and you seem so happy and excited! Thanks for all the great photos and ideas/tutorials.


Sofie said...

Thank you very much, Rachel! All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

This was exactly was I was looking for! Can't wait to start! Greetings from CPH, Alicia.