Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby elephant

Several of the old baby sweaters me and my siblings used to wear as babies were stained even though they had been washed. So I decided to try out a project I found in a lovely book; Cool Baby, making new out of old, a book I ordered recently. And since I am in love with elephants a baby dumbo got to parade on the first stained sweater.

You draw the picture you want and convert it into a cross stitch pattern (you can use mine if you wish). Fasten some waste canvas ( = stramalj) to the sweater and start cross stitching the pattern.

I used double sewing machine thread.

Cut off extra canvas from the edges...

... and start removing the waste canvas.

Half way...

... and done! Pretty little elephant.



Anonymous said...

Så fiffigt!! :D

A&AC project said...

Great idea, looks very cute!

Anonymous said...

Oj vad otroligt söt! *smått avundsjuk på vissas handarbetstalanger*

Hörde att avslutningsmiddagen var bra. Var rätt sur på alla "bobbor" som av någon anledning verkar gilla mig i år ;) Jag hoppas du fick mitt mail iaf.

Ha det bra!

malakta maja said...

Så smart och snyggt! Roliga projekt du har på gång.

Ulla said...

That looks really nice!