Friday, August 10, 2007

New T-shirt

Easily made:Take two t-shirts! I found the pink one today at a thrift shop, did not like the embroideries on that and dreamed of covering that up. I had actually paid already when I saw the blue one and instantly new that the two were a great match, so I bought that one as well!
Just a close up of the nice colors and patterns.
Cut out the piece you want from one of the t-shirts. (It says on the label that the blue one is a girls sweater for age 4-5, and it only cost 1€:)
Pin the cut out piece onto the other shirt, placed as you want it. I covered up the, to me, not so nice embroidery.
Choose a nice colored thread.
Sew around the motif of the cut out. Then cut the edges to match the seem. I haven't cut it yet. Still need to attach "Irina & Sergej" and then I'd like to cut a zigzag edge, but do not have the scissors for it, so that'll have to wait.

There you go, a nice and simple refashion! I bought quite a lot of nice things today from thrift shops, I'll show you a selected part soon, so stay tuned!

Tonight me and Macke will finally be performing on the terrace at Strampen! Will you be out for a drink in the sun tonight?


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