Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Instant cuffs

I looked through some nice craft sites and found a crafter called kjoo* who makes wonderful bracelets or cuffs out of felt and canvas with crochet details. I got really inspired to try and make my own cuffs and in an hour I had this on my wrist:

The textile is an old thrift find, I think it's been a curtain. The lace is also thrifted, button likewise.

But why, oh why do I make these kinds of things when I have others projects that needs to be made??? I even made a list, with the most urgent project to be made first on the list and the other ones from spot two down. Where is my sence for structure? Did I ever have one??

How do you crafters manage to get things made? The things you should do, that is, and not just the things you want to.

Have a nice Wednesday evening (it is so now here where I live)!


Geo said...

I can really sympathize with your questions. But I have no answers, just the same distracting "problems," which are actually quite delightful if I don't think about what's being left undone.

I want to give your cuff idea a try—I have committed to send six people gifts this year because of a Pay It Forward exchange, so I think at least a few of them may get these! Bravo! Wonderful idea!

mellowbeing said...

My first suggestion would've been to make a to-do list since that helps clarify just how many projects you have going on. It's pretty amazing how many there really are once you write it down and see it hehe.

I would have to say that you should just tell yourself to finish off first the project that's closest to completion. Then finish one of the longer ones. And then a shorter one, etc. And if you get more ideas while you're working on these, DONT start them! :) Just write them down and tack them onto the end of the to-do list. At one point, you'll realize that without self discipline you'll never finish any of them and then what would you have to write about?

That's actually one the most motivating things - if you finish something, you know you'll have some content for the blog that week :D