Tuesday, October 15, 2013

book of puzzles + free downloads

I love to see my kids enjoying solving puzzles. I loved puzzles as a kid.

The great joy is when the kids love solving the puzzles I designed!

This is the book I had the honour of making together with Fontana Media, containing collected puzzles from years of drawing. It is mainly sold to schools and perishes, hence the price.

If you, like me, love spoiling the kids with books or pages of puzzles I'll treat you with four pages (not included in the book) to solve and colour together with your kids. These are in Swedish and English. Click on the picture to be linked to the download page!

Om du gillar att lösa och färglägga pyssel själv eller tillsammans med dina kids får du här fyra sidor att ladda ner och printa. Klicka på bilden så länkas du till nedladdningssidan.

Have a good Tuesday y'all!

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