Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY birthday party hats (with free downloads)

It is silly, I admit it, but when it comes to planning birthday parties for my kids I get more and more excited for every year that passes. I am no fullblooded party arranger yet, but I might have some potetial.

In early May we had the bliss of celbrating our first born wee E. Kindergarden kids and their parents were invited. Nothing special at all with the party, we played outdoors and then went indoor for sandwiches and cake.

But I wanted to make something the kids could craft and take home from the party. I read the Oh Happy Day blog regularly (look out for flood of crafty inspiration!) and found a party hat template I wanted to use.

I decided om an animal theme; wee E has got a plush squirrel and he got to play the lead part in this.

This was the road sign from the subway to our house. The squirrel also got to decorate the invitations.

Then I drew some more animals to decorate the hats. If you'd like to organize an animal themed party feel free to download an use these drawings! I trust you download them for PERSONAL USE ONLY. They are not to be sold.

Happy crafting and happy birthday partying!

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