Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY bean bags

Way back I made bean bags together with the kids. The bean bags were a birthday gift for a boy turning three. It is a simple and fun project.

Cut out squares of fabric, two pieces of each fabric. Pin them right sides facing and sew along the sides, leaving an opening. Thanks to that opening you'll be able to turn your bag right side out and fill the bag with beans.

One bag turned right side out. See the opening?

I used a funnel to get my beans, or peas as I used, into the bags. In Finland they are called ärtpåsar, which is Swedish for pea bags. It wasn't the best equipmen, the peas got stuck on their way down through the funnel. Had I left a bigger opening in the fabric when sewing I could have filled the bags easier. You learn from experience.

The kids helped me with the peas.

Close the opening with sewing some stitches by hand and voilà:

 The fabrics are second hand.

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