Friday, November 5, 2010

a quilt for a boy

Me and hubby were asked to be godparents to my best friends I's and B's third child, a boy. I am happy and honored to be a godmother! I wanted to make him a quilt.

I never finnished the floor quilt I intended for wee M, but I thought a lot about how to finnish it, thought all the stages of sewing through. So when I started on making the quilt for wee V I finnished it in two days, cause I had been thinking it through and kind of new how to do it. Two days is no time to brag about, when making a baby quilt, but since this was my first quilt done I am excited I made it in such a a short time.

Picture above; I am remaking the corners of the binding. I thought I knew how to do them corners but had to rip and watch this lovely lady's instructions once more.

Embroidered name and date of christening.

I did not quilt it traditionally, I simply hand sewed crosses in every joining of squares, as shown above and they kept all the layers of fabrics and batting together.

All fabrics are reused and the binding is hand made.


Anonymous said...

Verkligen fint lapptäcke! jag har gjort ett lapptäcke, men jag var så fuskig att jag bara vändsydde det med fodret.

Nu håller jag på med en lapp-jultavla och den blir väl bara uppspänd på träram, jag verkar undvika det där kantningsskedet... :-)

maybe said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Gredelin/Jessica said...

Jättehärligt lapptäcke :)
Jag tycker om att sy lapptäcken. Jag har gjort några färdigt och har sen en hel del halvfärdiga som jag borde la färdiga. Måste bara ha tid och en hel del inspiration....

Michele at A House Called Nut said...

What a wonderful quilt! I love that it's pretty (there aren't enough pretty things for boys out there) but not frilly.