Sunday, May 31, 2009

making a quilt

I have wanted to make a quilt for a long time. Last week I took the time to cut out patches of retro fabric (with a ruler, a pencil and a scissors: I sooo much want a roller cutter!!!).

I like the part when the patches are finally cut and you're able to lay them out on the floor and organize them in a desired way. It takes some time, but I love the process!

Here you can see my process in pictures. I will stick to my last layout (picture number 4). I thank my husband for inspiring me to make that one! It will become a baby floor blanket.

Are you experienced in the art of making quilts?

Have a good Sunday evening!


Michele at A House Called Nut said...

I love the way you've combined the different prints. So pretty! I've just gotten together a stack of my husband's old shirts to make a quilt with--it will be my first! I'm hoping for something comfy to lay down on the grass for summer picnics.

AnnaA said...

Det blir fint det där!