Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dressing up

Me and my husband are invited to a grand party coming Saturday, my friend F's birthday. The dress code for the party is "long dress", that is; something really nice and stylish. Since my bump's not allowing me to wear whatever I want I had to think a while before I realized I had the perfect dress hidden away in my closet. It is a dress I thrifted years ago and haven't worn yet, mostly because it is so long and me being too short. My husband also said it looked like a priest's cloak, so it got folded away deeply in my closet.

Now I will get to wear it. I can fit into it, it falls beautifully over my tummy and it is a wonderful garment, heavy cotton jersey and fine satin ribbons by the neckline, Swedish design.

I do like dressing up:)!



Malakta maja said...

Jaa - roligt att F ställer till med överraskning så att vi får klä upp oss. Ser framemot att träffas och se dig iklädd klänningen. ( Vill du leka D så ta med appelsiner att dela ut ;)

P.s. otroligt fint jobb du gjort med koftan. Du är en talang!

That Girl said...

this is a really pretty dress, i hope you have a good time :)
that girl