Friday, March 7, 2008

The Baby Box

I believe that parents to be are priviledged, at least here in Finland, to be offered a box of clothing, sheets and everyday usable garments like a few diapers, nail scissors, hair brush and other useful things for the baby, together with good written information on parenthood and relationship between partners when a baby arrives for the older ones. And all this for free! It is The Social Insurance Institution of Finland that supply parents this box if they choose to take it.

The tights I am holding are adorable! Lovely color! You cannot choose the colors you want on the clothes you get, but I am pretty satisfied with this collection. Stripes, dots, green and beige, elephants and hippoes!

The woolen dress I am wearing is my mother's. She wore it while she was expecting me, her first baby, and now I can wear it while expecting my first baby. Nice:)!



nikkishell said...

WOW! What a wonderful thing to receive!
Here in Australia we get a baby bonus of $4000 after baby is born.
No maternity leave or paternity leave , though some big companies offer this kind of thing.

Christina said...

That's a lovely idea by your Government. That kind of help and information is I'm sure invaluable to new parents.Even the box is pretty :)

Molly said...

Yay, Finland! We get no such love in the US, but I'm happy to know some countries do such lovely things for its citizens!

Congrats again, to you and yours!

Ulla said...

This baby box is something we Finns have had for nearly 60 years now, from a modest beginning. Every mother gets it, and if they prefer money, the sum is not enough to buy all the things in retail. Even the box is usable, first as a baby cot during the first weeks (mattres included) and later as a storage box. I think every mother knows to appreciate this benefit.

Dava said...

Such a lucky baby, not only to be born in Finland, but to creative, loving parents too! Good Luck Fia!

Sandra (alten) said...

Nu har också jag hittat till din blogg!! :) MYCKET inspirerande bilder och vad fantasifull du är!! :D
Är det ok om jag länkar till din blogg från min blogg? :)

Hälsningar Sandra