Thursday, March 6, 2008

Refashioned felted cardigan

I love working with felted sweaters. This is a thrifted extra large 100% lambswool sweater I have machine washed in 60 degrees (Celcius). After that I can cut, style and create whatever I want from it, without having to worry about ripping seams.

Here is a semi-turtorial in a few words and pictures.
The original sweater after felting. While wet I stretched the sweater thoroughly so it would not be too skewed.

I traced the middle front of the sweater and cut it to be able to get a cardigan from it.

I cut off the turtle neck...

... and half of the sleeves.

I made the armholes tighter and got a kimono-feel to my sleeves.

I've had this lace for years and thought it would go great with the pink color of the sweater...

... but it got a little too romantic for me. It was not what I wanted.

So I cut hems from a vintage curtain to get some more color and stability, both in the neck and all the way down front and at the sleeves.

This is the finished result, I am happy with it.



Anonymous said...

wow, den blev så fin på dig soffa, du såg söt ut i den på resan:)/lisa

Meghan said...

That turned out lovely! Thanks for the tutorial--I'd like to try this someday.

Christina said...

Ooh that turned out beautiful. Have a whole load of cardis and jumpers I could do something similar with. Thank's for the tut.;)

Tegsta G�rd said...

Ah, supernice:)!

Ulla said...

That was a nice tutorial! I have only used felted jumpers in my chenille cut rugs and some crafting.

Cami said...

Alldeles ljuvlig!