Thursday, February 8, 2007


I've been inspired by making new from old. I am a thrifter, and I got piles and piles of clothing, fabric, buttons, yarn, trims, accessories and all kinds of stuff my heart trembles for. Since I have my year off from work as a youth leader I have decided to take the time to refashion! A true inspiration, among many, is Tricia Royal of bitsandbobbins. Then there is my good friend Simon! (I'll have him put up pictures of his work:)

This way of thinking, ecologically, economically, ethically and creatively, really makes me warm. To challenge yourself, you can join the wardrobe refashion and commit yourself to not buying any new clothing for 2-6 months but get crafty instead, making your own wearable ! LOVE IT! And gotta join!

Here's my most recent refashion object:

An old open skirt made into a more balloony-type. Love the pattern and the colors! Wore it at a friends birthday party last Sunday and it was very comfortable.

On to the next project!

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