Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Days without www...

I am ashamed to say that I felt pretty isolated and helpless when our network broke down some days ago... Days without the world wide web in the house are... different?

The good thing was I didn't spend hours surfing those lovely craft blogs (that I am nowadays addicted to) and I didn't feel stressed because I had no e-mails to react to or answer. The bad things were not being able to surf craft blogs :) and not being able to keep in contact with people by mail. It is almost frightening how big a part the net is of your social life. I guess I am more of a face to face person though anonymity can sometimes be a blessing...

Now to something really nice! KOJU is releasing its debut album tomorrow! At Club 25 in Vaasa, Finland you can meet us and hear us play! This is a band I am very proud of, good songs and great talented musicians. Want a taste of the music? Go to www.myspace.com/kojutheband. You can check out our home on the web at www.kojutheband.com.

(cover photo by Tom Stenback, cover design by andersgrafikfabrik)

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