Monday, June 23, 2014

vintage fair at Årsta Castle - part 2


Going through pictures from day two of the vintage fair at Årsta Castle I realise I do not have any pictures from other vendors or things being sold. I only have pictures of my own stuff. So now I shamelessly promote myself. We did reorganize our rooms, I got the chance to move to a more open space. 

I love to letter white ink on black glossy paper.

I had an idea of recycling old vinyls and came up with the LP (Lettering Play) idea. I really love reusing material, and I love lettering and wall art, so the outcome of the idea was to my content! They are buyable, so if you see something you like give me a shout at fialottajansson[at]gmail.com.

That was me for now.
I wish you all a great end to the month of June, and lovely beginnings to July!

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