Tuesday, February 11, 2014

two free downloadable prints!

Voilà, two free downloadable prints with different messages for you to print at home!

The first one is for Valentine´s Day, or Friendship Day as Swedish speaking Finns like to call February the 14th. It is my little take on the theme, since I am not the lovey dovey type but still appreciate friendship and love and good food!

Download it here: Hey Good Lookin - free print

The second one is a design I made as a reaction to my own state of feeling last Sunday. If we acknowledge the anxiety so many of us carry with us, we might loosen the pressure we put on ourselves. It is not an advice to live by, since I know how hard it is, and sometimes impossible, to just live, love and laugh. But it is a reminder that it is possible to have that state of mind, when the sun is shining and the mind is lighter.

Let us listen to each other. If you are asked "how are you today?", tell them "today is not a good day, I am tired and I am feeling sad", if that is what you feel. If you are the one asking the question and get that answer in return, maybe not the one you thought you would hear, don't shy away. We need to show each other it is ok to feel low.

Download it here: Anxiety - free print

Please do give a shout out if you have use for the prints!

All the best to you!

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