Monday, February 3, 2014

origami love

I really love origami as an artform, as craft and as mindblowing creativity source. And of course to look at. I got inspired by two great messengers of origami inspiration to make some decorations for our livingroom. I thrifted a coat hanger last year and it serves as a perfect display for the gems i folded. I also tride using one half of an origami creation as a shade for a lamp. With a safe light bulb it works well!

Have a look at:
Design And Form
to find incredible diy inspiration. That's where I got mine!

Scroll down for direct links to my favourite origami gems!

Here are direct links to my favourite origami shapes I've tried folding:

 (photo courtesy of Weekday Carnival)

(photo courtesy of design and form)

(photo courtesy of design and form) 

 (photo courtesy of minieco)

Fold away and have a great week!


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