Friday, April 5, 2013

DIY spray painting

I love spray painting. Two simple projects for two items needed in my home.

Firstly a jam tin can turned pen cup. I taped top and bottom to keep the metal from being spray painted. I plastered our balcony floor with newspaper and spray painted outdoors. You need good ventilation when spray painting. Keep the painted item outdoors for a while to reduce the smell.

One need to be particular with the taping in order to get a good looking edge [said with a gorgeous British accent]. The bottom of the tin can did not turn out as good as the top, but I did not put as much effort to the taping on the bottom. Sloppiness shows.

Secondly: we needed something to hold our coffee filters. I thrifted this small basket and decided to spray it to accompany our black and white coffeemaker and B&W checkered floor.

Happy! Now I do not have walk across the room to get filters, I've got all coffee stuff in one place.

What have you been spray painting lately?

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