Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY bulletin board

We desperately needed a bulletin board for our home. Especially for bills, but also for keeping material memories visible.

I thrifted a vintage cross-stitch picture with frame. A huge one, perfect for a great big bulletin board.

Classic motif.

Tape off the parts you do not want to colour.

I started out painting the picture with fabric paint, but that did not work at all. Wool was a lot more difficult to colour than I expected, so I ended up spraypainting the whole thing.

More protection for the frame since I wanted to keep the original colours. Newspaper pages comes so very much in handy for all kinds of crafty work!

I wanted a gold bulletin board, but I was not sarisfied with the shade of gold on the wool embroidery, it was more of a dirty brownish shade than the pretty solid gold that stuck to the paper. So I took out my black spray paint.

I am happy with the result!

Cassette tape post-it from Urban Outfitters. Hand written letter (on recycled book pages sewn together with sewing machine!) from my friend A, Prutt & Kram postcards from my Etsy-shop.

Have you made a bulletin board out of recycled materials?

Have a great Thursday!


LINA said...

jättesnyggt!! vilket bra tips! kram

Anonymous said...

Stiligt! Jag rev ramen av en gammal korkanslagstavla och klädde själva anslagstavlan med ett molntyg jag bytt till mig på syjuntan. Tanken var att sonens enorma pärlplatteproduktion skulle komma sig upp på den, men det tog inte länge innan tavlan ramlade ner från väggen. Och där står den än och väntar. Tom. Varför är så enkla saker så svåra att åtgärda?