Wednesday, March 6, 2013

dress me up in second hand (and some new)

This grey dress is one of my most worn wardrobe items. It is a Filippa K dress. It is a hand-me-down dress from my friend Johanna. It is so comfortable and wearable. In the picture above I wear the dress with a thrifted leather belt and a second hand shirt.

A simple dress can be a very beautiful dress.

I bought Swedish Hasbeens shoes last fall. My friend Carolina (the owner of the gorgeous vintage store Marshmallow Electra) and a friend of hers organized a vintage clothes and Swedish Hasbeens shoe home party. I really wanted them and even thought they were one number too small I took 'em home with me. But I haven't worn them, sadly, and now I am selling them on Blocket. They are size 38, if someone is interested.

Now I've got these kinds of boots instead, copper coloured shiny ones! I really like them a lot! They are from Deichmann, the shoe store where I started working in January.

 Good day to y'all!

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