Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY paper star by name

I tried this a few years ago and came to think of it the other day. Fun and easy, and surprising every time! Here we go!

 Fold your paper. I made a dull fold, I only got four points to my star. Jessica at the How About Orange blog (a great, great blog!) has instructions on a five pointed star (see the link to template in her text), and if you follow this instruction you'll get six pointed stars!

Write the name you wixh to cut out onto one side of the folded paper.

 Cut away the space between the letters or inside the letters (a bit tricky, but you'll find ways to do it!).

Open up the star and be mezmerized on the pattern a name can make!

Oh, the things you can make by cutting paper! In December 2009 I made this creation. I called it Squirrels in the Forest.

Happy crafting with scissors!

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