Tuesday, March 20, 2012

me likes Sött och nött by Karin Erlandsson

I received a book. The author of the book and the publishing company asked if I could write something about it. Sött och nött ("Sweet and worn").

Off course I can, this is a fantastic book! I've followed the author Karin Erlandsson's blog for a long time. I've read about her baking, writing and her second hand fascination. We've been friends for an even longer time. And I am fascinated by her. 

I love how she has actually made a sweet recipe book, (literally; there are only sweet recipes in this book) that is different from most I've read before. Lingonberry tiramisu, parsnip cake with orange topping, pears in toffee sauce with American pepper ice cream and more. And everything is served on second hand, retro and vintage dishes, thus the name.

The photos by Jonas Edsvik really brings out the flavour in the sweets. Together with the layout by Ea Söderberg. Oh, the colours! I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but I am pretty sure they work!

The book also contains stories written by Karin (she works as a journalist in Åland where she lives), about family trips to faraway and hard-to-find flea markets, about porcelain nostalgia and how not to hide your vintage treasures but use them. I will not only read this book by the stove, it will follow me to bed!

You can buy the book at adlibris.com. Do read Karin's blog as well!

(A review in Swedish can be read at Lundagård)

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