Saturday, September 3, 2011

dress me up in second hand

In a previous post I told you I almost only wear second hand, so I thought I'd show you that I really am a woman of my word. I will share peeks of my wardrobe. I started with the dresses and thought I'd continue. So here we go; dress me up in second hand.

Top: second hand, can't remember where from
Jeans: Monki (new ones)
Shoes: second hand, Red Cross thrift store
Necklace: home made, zipper from a thrifted sleeping bag

Today I am at home writing songs (challenging and fun!) while my family is chilling at their grandparents.

Have a good Saturday!

1 comment:

Hannasvirrvarr said...

Å så fin idé med dragkedshalsbandet! Nån gång kanske jag tar efter om jag stöter på en gammal, slutkörd, lång en :)