Sunday, July 24, 2011

thrifted goodness - dresses

I mostly wear second hand clothes. Or clothing I've received as gifts. Not many garments in my wardrobe are newly produced. Here are some of my favourite second hand items.

A lovely wraparound dress in thin cotton fabric. One simple euro was the cost of this beauty.

Blurry evening photos. My sweet dot dress. The heart on my chest is a card that was attached to my birthday present. It says Soffa.

A wonderful cool and pretty cotton dress from Senegal. A gift from my parents-in-law. Perfect dress for hot days.

The embroidered tunic I recently bought. Both beautiful and comfortable.


Mimii said...

I love the dot dress ! :)
It's nice to go in vintage shop and discover a treasure. And sometimes, we find something we love while 10 years before we said "no way, never", hahahaha

s0 said...

Det är precis din stil Soffa! :) Du passar utmärkt i fyndkläder! :D

Sandra N said...

Äh, jag tryckte på fel knapp i förra kommentaren ;)