Friday, December 3, 2010

my morning

This is what I looked like this morning after being aired on the morning show on Radio Vega Österbotten. The book I am holding is the Christmas book I did DIY gift tutorials for. Several project were included and I am thrilled over the book; the layout, the pictures and the content is really good! You can buy the book here (it is a Swedish book)! I got my author's copies from the post office today!

I talked about climat smart Christmas gifts. Some of you might remember I was on the radio last year as well. Nice that they want me back! Last year I made this list of DIY Christmas gifts.

We'll spend the weekend in Kronoby. See you next week. Hope none of you will have too cold feet and that you all are able to light candle's when dark!


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jenni said...

Ååh, vad roligt! Jag älskar julböcker, denna hade jag inte hört om tidigare. Det var trevligt att träffa dig, hoppas vi ses igen!