Sunday, March 7, 2010

we'll take this one more time: jyllaskaka

My great grandmother made one "jyllaskaka" (= jyllas' cake) everyday, so that the men that worked the field would get enough energy, I suppose. It is a simple sponge cake that I vary with different extra ingredients. 

UPDATE: When I called my mum to get the oven temperature and time she corrected me on the story of jyllaskaka; it was my grandmother's childhood friend's mother that was called Jyllas-Marie because she was married to Julius, Jyllas is derived from the name Julius. True is, though, that she baked one cake a day! The Jyllas family lived in the old bank house and for some reason there were people coming and going all the time so Marie baked to serve her guests. I seem to have romanticized the story a bit for it to get more personal:)

Favourites are jyllas' cake with cocoa and chocolate chips, preferably Fazer Hazelnut, and pictured with blueberries. But I have to admit it is very good au naturel as well!

Here is the recipe for Jyllaskaka

3 eggs
2 cups (aprox 3 dl) of sugar
2 cups of flour
150 g of butter

baking powder if you wish.

Not even my mother had the correct temperature or time for the baking, I guess because the original cake was baked in an old fashioned fire place, but she had made one the same day I spoke to her and heated the oven to 200°C and baked the cake for about 30 - 40 min. Poke a tooth pick into the cake if you want to be sure that the cake is ready baked. If the pick is dry then you are done!

I wish you all a peacefull Sunday!


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Fröken C said...

Mmmmm... Gott med Jyllaskaka, det ska jag & baka snart, länge sen! Tack för meddelandet, skrattade så tårarna rann. Härligt med svåger som påminner barna om var moster befinner sig! :) Saknar er!! Idag har jag köpt längfärdsskidor, imorgon ska jag ut i spåret, jihoooo! PUSS&KRAM