Saturday, June 6, 2009

sewing news

I needed a new skirt, and after rummaging through thrift shops without luck I realized I had a round table cloth in my fabric shelf. Lucky me! The cloth and some elastics, all thrifted years ago, I made this skirt. Me likes!

I am sewing like a maniac right now. Tonight we are invited to a wedding an because of my changing body shape I had nothing to wear. What do I do? Yes, I take the long and bumpy road: I started making a dress, yesterday!!! It feels a bit insane, but today I am done! I had to make a test dress yesterday, because I am not skilled at following patterns and sewing clothes, but the test dress turned out good too, so now I will have two new dresses for the summer. Very good concidering we are going to Hungary next week:)!

Happy Saturday! Hope there is lots of sun where you are!

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MalinJohanna said...

Och jag som tyckte jag var snabb när jag började på min klänning till lördagen på onsdagen. Du var fin i din bruna, mysiga tyger!