Wednesday, May 6, 2009

as will be seen on tv

I made a do redo sweater similar to the one I made for my son. It is grey instead of green, but the bias tape is the same as on E's sweater. I wore my new cardigan on the recording of the upcoming episode of Strömsö on FST5, a Finnish-Swedish life style program on TV. I like the show very much (they give out lots of crafting ideas, make lovely food dishes and have interesting reports on just about anything) and I was very honored when asked to make an appearance on the show, learning the host Elin how to play guitar. I will not be performing any of my songs, but I get to talk about my music.

Here is a (very small) picture of me and Elin and an introduction to the show in Swedish:

sö 10.5.2009 kl. 17.15 i FST5,
ons 13.5.2009 kl. 20.00 i FST5

Elin tar sig an sitt vårprojekt att lära sig spela gitarr tillsammans med sångerskan Sofie Björkgren-Näse. Paul bjuder på chili i olika former. Lee gör lappar i lappteknik och Wivan besöker loppmarknader i Hangö.

Hope you all have a good Wednesday!

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syko kajsa said...

Jättefin kofta!! Såg en glimt av dej på Strömsö :) Grattis till magen!