Saturday, April 18, 2009

something new

I have finally found the time and inspiration to sew something. I bought the wool sweater a few months ago and later I felted it. It shrunk to a size fitting my soon to be one-year old boy, so I started dreaming of making him a warm and colorfull spring sweater. I made the bias tape myself with the help of my bias tape maker and thrifted fabric. I really enjoyed sewing the bias tape in place, it took some thinking to get the corners and the slit in the front.

The final sweater picture is horrible, it is taken in photo booth on the mac. My husband is in Gothenburg, Sweden and took the camera with him. He is at the Fuzz Guitar Show helping our friend guitar builder Tom Stenback displaying his guitars. More and better photos on the sweater later.

To continue to profit on my new found inspiration I started refashioning a pleated skirt into a tunic. I'll keep you updated.

All the best for the weekend to you all!

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syko kajsa said...

Jättefin tröja!! Vil ocskå ha nya kläder, men är dålig på att fixa till mej själv tyvärr!