Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fascinated by: Plan B

Plan B (be sure to look at all the pictures!)

The Story:
Once upon a time there was an enchanted generation that believed everything had to be new and fancy. As this strange generation gathered more and more commodities, their new fancy things turned rapidly into old and undesired junk. Stuff started to crowd attics and cellars. Luckily some smart people took it also to the Recycling centre.

"Old is the new new" said the Trashion Queen on her arrival to the city. "Old is great and it can be re-made into something even fancier!" the nasty spell broke and trashion fever became an epidemic. Old things were allowed to move on from attics and warehouses, shake dust from their shoulders, tell their stories, transform into something new and make people happy. -At least the ones with trashion sense!

The idea of trashion and Plan B was born as a joined enterprise of Designer Anna Holopainen, Advertising Agency Toukokuu and Recycling Centre of Helsinki metropolitan area.


I love this! It deeply inspires me to reuse and refashion! Maybe one should join the Wardrobe Refashion gang once more...!



Anonymous said...

Hej Soffa! Hur gick jakten på hobbyaffären i Åbo? Hoppas du hittade vad som behövdes.

Ville bara säga att idag startade min dag med radio vegas morgonandakt och till min stora glädje fick jag efteråt lyssna till dig sjunga Jublande lyfter vi här våra händer. Det blev en mycket bra dag och jag vill önska dig en underbar fortsättning på veckan fylld med Guds underbara överraskningar.

Kram JohannaM

Geek+Nerd said...

Gorgeous website - very inspiring! I'm especially in love with the black plaid tunic with the embroidered front. Thanks for sharing!