Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something new

The day before yesterday I was in court. I was bumped into by a woman on a grocery store parking lot in late March. It was not my fault according to the police (they did not see the "crime scene", but we were interviewed afterwards), but the woman did not agree with them so she opposed and the case went to district court. I am now waiting for the verdict, and we shall get it in the end of September. Nobody was hurt in the accident, but the bumper of woman's car got badly damaged, my car did not show any signs of being hit.

Being in court was something exceptionally new to me. A true heart racer.

My mother came to take care of E so my husband could follow me to court. She drove all the way from Kronoby, over 100 km one way to baby sit. Thank you, dear mum! She brought us grapes:
They are from my mother and father's vineyard i Hungary. It's not their's alone, a lot of people from the Kronoby area are keeping the vineyard going by supporting the owner economically. The participants of the vineyard project are welcome to stay at the vineyard and of course make vine. My mum and dad visited Szigetvar last week to stay at the vineyard, harvest the fruit and make vine. That was something new to them! (and it is soooo cool that I can say "grapes from my parent's vineyard!!:)

Yesterday evening Vaasa Arbis' Craft Club for Mums (Syjunta för mammor) started. Not that new since we had our first evenings in spring, but this time the keeper of the club had gotten permission to order pattern books and magazine subscriptions. Oh joy! (Which also is a great website! Look here.) Above some of the books I'll get inspirations and patterns from. The book Sy till barnen I got to borrow from Malin Johanna, who got it from her friend's mum, it is a treasure. Fantastic 70's style clothing for children. Malin Johanna has a great blog and she makes the sweetest things for kids and finest crafts almost all categories, but mostly sewing, have a look!

A new toy is on my list of WIP and tonight I crafted the smaller details, so tomorrow I can do the finishing touches. Above is a sneak peek of the work.

The best new thing of today has been little E eating his first potato! He's only had breast milk so far so it was a first time for him eating with a spoon! He is growing like a polar bear, he is already over 10 kilos and he is 71 cm, he turned 4 months last week! My big boy!

All the best.

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Sandra said...

Det är något speciellt med vindruvor som man vet varifrån de kommer. :) Idag plockade jag blå vindruvor från vinrankan i skolan. Fullt stora, men ganska sura :)

Ta hand om er!

/Sandra & Daniel