Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why isn't it shirring more???

For long I've wanted to make a dress out of this fabric, a thrifted duvet cover. I am invited to a wedding today so I started sewing a dress yesterday (yes, I know it is a little late before the wedding, but I decided on an easy model, idiot proof even I would say) following Threadhead's video tutorial and Kuky's tutorial and I even read House On Hill Road's tutorial, but something went wrong, my dress did not shirr!

Compared to photos by Erin Harris of House on Hill Road or Kuky's pictures my fabric has not shirred properly and I cannot find the reason why. I have used up a roll of elastic thread to be able to solve the problem and I have tried different settings on my sewing machine but nothing has helped. Is the quality of the thread bad (I did not thrift this one, I bought it at a "real" shop this time!), is there something wrong with my machine or am I just doing something wrong???

Do you have a clue?

I was so angry yesterday evening that I got cramps in my stomach. Luckily my friend J is saving my day, I get to borrow one of her beautiful dresses. But my sewing project still pisses me off!!!

Have a good day! (I will cause I feel much better today!)


Green Kitchen said...

Heather Ross wrote up a downloadable pattern that shows this technique. I'm sure if you left a question in the comments she could help you.


malinjohanna said...

På www.sysidan.se diskuteras smock nu som då i diskussionsforumet, kolla via deras sökfunktion. (Vet inte om man måste vara medlem.) Jag sydde ju smock med vanligt gummiband på insidan, fungerar men var jobbigt (fick ta till tänderna då händerna inte räckte). Ska pröva med elastisk undertråd nästa gång.