Thursday, August 28, 2008

August crafting

I am on a crafting roll again. Today has been a good day! Maybe because I got so inspired by last night's Show Room at After Eight in Pietarsaari. My good friends were there selling their products (Lundagård, en gul apelsin, Tegsta Gård and Malakta Maja to name a few) and I got so happy just watching all the beautiful things they create. I bought some things as well:)

Beautiful second hand dress from Malakta Maja (who also was selling my button jewellery, thank you sweet Maja!!!).

Lovely cap for E from Malin of en gul apelsin.

A sweet brooch from Joanna of Tegsta Gård to decorate my newly thrifted 80's jacket (from Karelia).

And on to my craftng:

Tonight I got really inspired to sew a new toy for E. Purl Bee has many good tutorials and I picked one to make, I'll let you know when I am finished!

I am also sewing something for my friends' newborn son L. I am close to done. I've gotten to use my new bias tape maker for this project. And I get really happy when I am sewing hems and they get all straight and nice.

Of course I have a source of energy on the table while sewing:)

Happy weekend to you all!



maria said...

Vilka fina saker! Malin-mössan är jättebra, A har haft sin hela sommaren och den är ännu en favorit. Väldigt bra modell som hålls på och täcker öronen, plus supersnygg!

Sus said...


Hoppas allt e bra me er!
Nu har jag å börjat blogga - hoppas det e ok att jag länkar till din blogg på min blogg!? Du e så inspirerande!

Många kramar från Nvetil