Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I can't stop myself...

... so now I have more thrift finds to show you!

Nice odd button on a very pretty home made dress.

I am very happy about this last thrift find, paper bags. I got a lot for a little penny! I had been wondering about where to get lots of these and the problem was solved very quickly.



MalinJohanna said...

Va snygga tyger du hittat! Mitt öga fastnade genast på dem, är väl programmerat så... Hoppas vi snart får se vad du gör av dem!

Lenas pysselgrop said...

Vilka fynd du har gjort igen! Speciellt papperspåsarna - såna vill jag också komma över!

Ulla said...

Great finds! This is funny, I have a long tablecloth of the brown and yellow striped fabric! My sister gave it to me, it was her curtains and she gave the other curtain to someone else. Lovely fabric, easy to iron.