Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1st

(picture above from yesterday evening, setting the table before dinner guests arrive)

May 1st was always special to me as a kid. Me and friends always had an excursion on that day; we packed our bags with sandwiches, cookies and candy, and last but not least "mjöd" (a drink made of water, lemon, brown sugar and yeast) and set out for adventures. We found a good spot to eat what we had brought and then we played all day. Sometimes our parents had to come look for us because we totally lost track of time playing.

Today me and husband P went on our own excursion, we visited the May 1st Fair at Stundars. We had the traditional freshly baked "pigs" (a donut shaped as a pig filled with raspberry jam), looked at the old buildings, met friends and visited the craft shop. Nice warm weather and a slow day (mostly cause I cannot walk in normal pace, I need to walk sloooowly:).
P gave me a flower before we started our excursion. These beauties grow by our house and it's a very nice sign of spring I think.
A ladybird felt comfortable landing on P's shoulder while we ate our "pigs" and drank juice at the Fair.
I finally got to buy Ann Bäck's lovely dishcloths. I read about them in the local newspaper and on her blog and fell in love with the idea and the product. She actually grew up in the same village as me. I do not know Ann though, but I am good friends with her younger sister.
I like her witty slogan for dishcloths:
Diskduken du borde byta lika ofta som din tandborste!",
"Change your dishcloth as often as your toothbrush!".
I quote her from her blog:
"Vi fortsätter vårt korståg mot illaluktande diskdukar i fula färger!"
"We continue our crusade against stinking dishcloths in ugly colors!"
Finally, I brought home a piece of toffee, with salmiak (salty liquorice). Yummy! Hasn't eaten it yet, but I think I will after posting this:)!

No baby yet...


Icebell said...

..Hej! Sku kolla om du var aktiv på nätet och så hittar man lite "smygreklam" samtidigt. Får tacka å min kollegas vägnar. Lycka till med babyn! Tänker på er och sänder styrka! Kram

Ann said...

Hej Fia Lotta Jansson!

Vad kul att se att du gillar diskdukarna :) Jag har ingen aning om vem du är, lästa ett du känner min syster. Världen e liten och svenskfinland ännu mindre.

Jättefin blogg du har. Hit måste jag länka om ok.