Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My sister's home

A few details I photograpehed while visiting my sister last Friday. She likes thrifting and has decorated her home with some of the vintage stuff she has found. She is living in an old tree house so she gets half the decoration for free:) Old wall paper, the atmosphere, sqeeking staircase and so on.
A delicious vintage find, an old leather purse.
A rusty old plate and fruit, I find that very decorative! She keeps candles in the plate sometimes and that is also very nice. This is just a few of the nice decoration details my sister have in her appartment and I really like her style.

It was a very springy post, lovely yellowy springy post. Like the weather outside right now. I'm soaking up the sun after days indoor.

We went grocery shopping for three hours with P today, and I am happy that I had the strength to do it, it went very well actually. Went to see my midwife after, if the baby won't come out in one week they will take an ultrasound and see if they'll start me up. I think our baby wants to be a May-baby, that is why he/she hasn't come out yet:) I don't mind, I have had good days so far and is bonding more and more everyday with the person growing (and grooving) inside me.

I wish you all a happy "vappen" tonight!


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