Thursday, February 7, 2008

A scarf for my mom

This is the scarf I made for my mother as a Christmas gift. She got it in the first days of February, I just made her Christmas a bit longer, giving her presents a month later:)

(Don't mind the mad look on me, it was not intentional, I was actually pretty content that day since I had finished the scarf.)

Here you can find the pattern I used, it is the Dimma scarf. It is only in Swedish, but it should not be hard finding a similar pattern in English. Once you get going on knitting it is quite easy and fast.

All the best.

Ps. I've made the white socks on the same page, Sockor med falska flätor = Socks with fake braids, and they were fun making! I gave them to my friend J.


molly said...

this is so pretty! i love the color. i'm still knitting socks for my dad that were supposed to be christmas presents too. whoops!

Ulla said...

There is a You make my day award for you in my blog!
I just found you today but you already made my day.