Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dots on my arms and other knittings

I found these in a drawer a few days ago, finished knitted but with loose ends that I did not have the motivation to fasten years ago... Now; no loose ends and ready to wear! My husband likes them and wears them and I like that!

I attended a youth conference last weekend (Ungdomens Kyrkodagar in Turku), I was only the leader of a group of young people from Vaasa and I had no extra duties, so I had lots of time to just knit. Above is the baby cardigan I finished in the four days of the conference. Just need to knit the borders and I am done. It was a fun project knitted from the right arm in one piece to to the end of the left arm. I found it in an old book of knit- and sewing project for babies and kids. The yarn is old Novita Florica I bought at least 8 years ago, lovely soft and nice to knit.

Tuesday again today. Last Tuesday was a happy one for me; I had a day off from work (I will have all Tuesdays off until I go on mother leave in the middle of March). I baked three different flavoured batches of dough for cupcakes and I had time to do the laundry, tidy the house and make food as well. I really do love house wife work! And I am honest now, I feel priviledged to be able to stay at home and take care of a baby and our house hold for the next 12 months!

We ended last Tuesday with our "syjunta" (=craft club), crafting women with their men and babies, all eating cupcakes:) And it is Tuesday again today, hooray!

All the best!

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Christina said...

mmmm...those cupcakes look delish...yes, I think mother's in Scandinavian countries get a very good deal when it comes to parental leave (I remember that from when I lived in Sweden for a few years). Here in Ireland I think we get about half a year (I'm not a mum so I'm not sure), but they do seem to add an extra 4 weeks every few years so we'll catch up eventually!
Anyway glad everything is well with you and babba-to-be :)