Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Christmas decorations

A few of them. I have more ideas than finished things, but I'm getting there:)

Numbers for candles in the Advent candlestick. I drew the numbers on paper and then bended iron thread following the lines on paper.

Modern paper decorations. Instructions can be found here (by Design*Sponge).

My iron heart. Very easy made decorations. I only used 7 pearls on each side, but take 8 pearls instead, I think you'll get a better heart shape if you do.

An angel. Start from the bottom when making this one.

I'm in love with iron thread and tree pearls. So last Monday before noon I made new cuffs for my electric candlestick. I'm using red, purple and gold in my decorations this year.

A simple decoration and a good storage idea is to put colorfull or plain white candles (depending on what you prefer) in a glass vase. I think putting white candles in a tin jar would be excellent as well.

Hopefully you can get some inspiration for your own decorating from this post.
Have a good day, second Sunday of Advent.


Tösen på landet said...

I really liked the numbers..so i borrowed your idea.
You have always so many great ideas.

I like your blogg.

Tösen på landet said...

I really liked your Idea with the numbers...so i borrowed it. Hope you don't mind.

I always get so inspired visiting your blogg.

I like it.

Lenas pysselgrop said...

Härliga grejer du har här! Det bara kliar i mina fingrar!