Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Home made Christmas

I have a week off from work, well needed. In the past month I've been reading interior magazineswith Christmas themes like a maniac. I am not used to decorating that much for holidays, butnow I cannot stop myself (must be hormones:). So this week I have already finished a whole lot.I'd like to show you, but I left my camera at my friends house after a birthday party last Sunday, so you'll have to wait for visual proof of my doings.

Instead I'll leave you with pictures of rings I made for selling at Malakta Christms Fair. I never got anything sold, 'cause I did not go. I cancelled my table at the fair, I could not stop crying on Friday evening and I figured I had had too much to do, the past month had been very hectic; at the job, privately and musically, so I decided to keep Sunday still, and just take it slow. I did miss not being at Malakta, but I was happy, for my own health, that I decided to stay at home.

Now I'll continue decorating.
Good Wednesday to you all!


nikkishell said...

MAybe i'm reading things the wrong way but i have to ask "Are you the same club as me?"

http://ravenhill.typepad.com/ said...

Wow, I can really understand your disappointment at not going to the fair to sell the things you have been working so hard on. I have sold at fairs too and know that there is just so much work and preparation involved, but if you are too tired to be there then you likely wouldn't have sold much anyway. That is my experience. To do well selling you really have to be in the right frame of mind. I hope that you are getting the rest you need. I really like your site and have it bookmarked!