Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Yellow tuesday + memories

I've had a peaceful and slow Tuesday so far; organizing song papers and eating lunch by my self at home, smoked whitefish and dried rye bred with cheese. It became a yellow lunch, quite stylish I think. I'll be cleaning up the house later today. I finally have time for that!

And yep, that's me mirrored in the fork:)

On Sunday we had a great concert at Malakta. Maja and Jukka had organized a grand party. Maja's sister had baked fabulous and tasty cakes for exhibiting and eating, Street Theater Group Liira Liira Laa had a funny and exciting piece they performed and me and the band had the honor to end the evening with our music. Thanks to the Granstubb-couple for the party and to all of you that visited that night. It was a good night!

Today I will reminisce about good memories from Sunday and enjoy cleaning the house.
What will you be doing today?



ingridviola said...

Jobbat :) Du har så fina retro fat, snyggt!

MalinJohanna said...

Today? Väntar på att sonen i famnen ska vakna, sedan loppis, efter det vävstolen.

Tänkte bara hälsa att i min fotodagbok som återuppstår snart, förhoppningsvis efter helgen, finns nån bild från Malakta. Välkommen!

MalinJohanna said...

Ja, kanske du behöver en adress också... http://www.malinjohanna.tk.